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Our Story

SURFCOM HOSTING is a unique, fully-automated Web hosting company, developed entirely by Surfcom International Ltd - a prosperous KENYA-UK-based hosting company, which strives to further expand the scope of its activities in the web hosting services sphere.
Surfcom Hosting Ltd was established in 2007 in Kenya, with its Global Servers in London-UK. So far, more than 50,000 clients have placed their trust in us.
Our company has both the necessary know-how and technical equipment to offer competitive solutions to all users of the global network. The modern technologies have undergone a significant development in the last decades. Hence our team has developed its own strategy, which relies not only on the quality of the product, but also on the prompt and timely support of our clients. We boast one of the fastest and most reliable client support teams in the industry, which is available 24/7 and which will get back to you with a solution to your problem in less than 30 minutes. Our extensive experience will help you and your business to build and maintain a successful online presence.
Surfco International Ltd endevours to constantly improve the quality of its service, develop its competitive power, preserve its loyal clients and strengthen its position on the market. It may sound unbelievable but the majority of the big companies in the web hosting business usually don't invest much in the development of new technologies. Instead they rely on 3rd party solutions and software. Unlike theirs, our hosting software was created, developed and designed in-house by us. Moreover, our business approach is human-oriented in the sense that our client support is a center factor in the quality hosting service that we offer.
We have developed our own cloud web hosting platform, which is focused on optimized sites speeds, reinforced site security and guaranteed service uptime. We have built our custom network in all data centers that we work it, thus ensuring a secure and stable environment for your sites and applications. Apart from cloud web hosting services, we offer resellers an option to offer virtual private servers. semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers at no cost as well. For cPanel users, we also have a cPanel reseller program.